You may have heard of the triple refining process, but what exactly is it and how do we triple refine Crispa Gold Oil to achieve the best quality oil?

  • CRUSHING – The sunflower seeds are first crushed then squeezed to get the crude sunflower oil which is a dark oil with a strong nutty smell.

  • NEUTRALISING – The oil is then neutralized to remove harmful acids that can cause the oil to break down easily when used to fry. This is the first process in the triple refining process.

  • DEODORISING – The second stage in the triple refining process is deodorizing which is the process of removing any flavours or “off” smells by steam stripping.

  • BLENDING – Various types of oils may be blended together e.g. sunflower and groundnut. Crispa Gold Premium Sunflower Frying Oil only uses sunflower oil seed and is not blended with any other seed to produce the end product.

  • WINTERISING – The final step in the triple reefing process, which is a process to remove waxes from the oil to enhance the oil’s clarity. For most oil producers, this is also the final stage in their process of making cooking oil.

    For Crispa Gold Premium Sunflower Frying Oil there is one more very important step we still do to enhance the quality of our oil. After Winterising, anti-oxidants and anti-foam agent are added to the final product.

What is an anti-oxidant?

Crispa Gold Premium Sunflower Frying Oil uses an anti-oxidant known as TBHQ which contributes to maximum oil stability (slows the rate at which the oil becomes rancid). Anti- oxidants work on the molecular structure of the oil making it more stable and delaying the rate of oxidation (oil breakdown).

What is an anti-foaming agent?

Anti-foaming agents are added to give oil a longer shelf life by forming a surface barrier between the turbulent oil and air, reducing the rate at which the oxidation take place. Anti-foam agents also cause bubbles (formed when moisture in food comes into contact with oil) to be reduced and to collapse more quickly, reducing the surface area in contact with air and so in turn reducing oxidation.

Neither of these substances has any effect on the sensory properties if the frying oil nor the flavour and taste of the food fried.

  • PACKING – Crispa Gold Premium Sunflower Frying Oil is packed into anti leak 20L, 10L and 5 L buckets.

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