Our first feature is on infused or flavoured oils.

Herb infused or flavoured cooking oils add character to your dish.

Crispa Gold Premium Sunflower Frying oil has all the characteristics of a good oil that will help you create signature flavours that will enhance your dishes.

Take a look at our suggestions below and a quick recipes of how to make your very own infused oil.

Flavoured oils

Ingredients (pick one)

1. Rosemary and Thyme

2. Sage and Lavender

3. Coriander and Organum

4. Ginger, sundried tomato and bay leave

5. Roasted Almond nuts and Rosemary

6. Organum and lemon zest

7. Mint

8. Cappuccino and candy

9. Walnut and cinnamon

10. Pine nut and peppadew


  • In saucepan add 5 Tbsp of oil (depends on the amount of oil you want to flavour).

  • Allow the oil to heat up with one 1 Tbsp of each flavouring, once the oil is fragrant remove the saucepan from heat and allow to cool then strain.

  • For flavourings that have nuts, roast the nuts before adding oil, add oil and leave for at least 5 minutes on medium heat to flavour the oil. Remove from heat and allow to cool then strain.

  • For Cappuccino and candy, you can use flavourings to infuse oil, one drop of each flavour is enough to flavour the oil.

Chef’s Tip: Leave one or two leaves in the infused oil to infuse more, ¼ tsp of nuts and for flavourings one drop of flavouring. These oils can be used to flavour your curries, stews, bake products and dressings.

Please note that the shelf life of an infused oil is drastically reduced. Ideally it should not be kept for longer than 2 months. Keeping the oil in the fridge and also straining the herbs before using the oil is recommended.

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